At Moretta Lawn & Landcare, Inc. we proudly offer an environmentally friendly approach to fertilization. Our fertilization program provides the results you want with the utmost care for the environment in mind. Through research, our approach to fertilization has shown a reduction in pesticide usage by 50% in the first year of application. In fact, in an area measuring 83,000 sq. ft. we are able to reduce the amount of nitrates by 80lbs., phosphates by 20lbs, and concentrated pesticides by 75 ounces. Through this process we provide the soil with beneficial microbes while increasing plant vigor. Our turf stands are better able to resist disease, insect, and drought damage. We provide a quality five step program to assure your turf is getting all necessary nutrition before, during, and after the growing season.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5

Fertilization treatment with crabgrass prevention in April/May.

Fertilization treatment with weed control in May/June.

Fertilization treatment with insect control in June/July.

Fertilization treatment with weed control in September/October.

Winterization fertilization treatment November/December.